Not Easy To Be Valencian Permanent Exhibition

L'ETNO, Museu Valencià d'Etnologia, has as its main mission to collect, research and communicate everything rela­ted to the traditional and popular Valencian culture. As most of the cultures today the Valencian people are facing a future with an indefinite cultural identity. Their identity is constantly swinging between two opposing forces, the current reality of a culturally homogeneous world and the desire of keeping their own customs and traditions. 
Every cultural identity is subject to contradictions, tensions and a lack of unanimity. Some people see cultural identities as something positive while others hate them; some only defend their own cultural identity, based on exclusive assumptions, when others stand up far multiculturalism. What seems clear is that cultural identity is far from being a static and closed con­cept. It is in constant evolution, in a permanent dialogue between different sensibilities present in society. 
In its permanent rooms L'ETNO proposes perspectives around these questions framed at the Valencian society from the end of the pre-industrial era to our time. The exhibition is organized in three different areas, and in each of them one particu­lar issue is discussed. Thus, in the city, the exhibition presents issues related to tensions between global and local; in the irrigated farmland and the marshland you will find some stereotypes related to the Valencian culture; the space dedicated to the dryland and mountain is devoted to showing some not often very well-known aspects of the Valencian inland territory.
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