Information and Consultation

Information and Reference Service

Through this service, we offer help and training in the use of the library's consultation tools, as well as guidance in searching for information. 

We offer on-site advice or via telephone (963 888 3623) or emails (


In-room Consultation 

All monographs and periodicals other than reference works (catalogue code: BETNO OR) and non-loanable ones (catalogue code: BETNO NP) are freely accessible in the library's reading room.

It is very easy to find what you are looking for. All the publications are labelled with their catalogue code, which are in order. They are sequentially arranged by number [currens number], which distinguishes each according to typology:

The catalogue codes are the following:

  • Monographs: BETNO + currens No.
  • Brochures: BETNO C. No. / currens No.
  • Periodical publications: BETNO  PP + currens No.
  • Reference works: BETNO OR + currens No.
  • Books of festivals: BETNO LF + currens No. + year
  • Electronic resources: BETNO + currens No.

The library offers its users free Internet access through its wi-fi network in the consultation room, and also laptop connection points. In addition, there are 6 individual or group work booths, which are isolated from the consultation room.

Loan and Reprography


Loans for external users of the Museu Valencià d'Etnologia are restricted to 3 copies per fortnight, with the option of renewal for two more weeks, by requesting this in person or by calling 963 888 3623. 

Periodicals (BETNO PP), reference works (BETNO OR) and non-loanable ones (BETNO NP) are excluded from loan; so are the books of festivals since they are considered to be periodicals (BETNO LF).


Self-service photocopier with coins. The restrictions and limitations for the reproduction of documents are in accordance with the Intellectual Property Law.

Exchange of Publications

The library of the Museu Valencià d'Etnologia has library exchanges with museums, universities, town halls, study centres, and private institutions, among others, from more than 24 countries, such as Switzerland, Italy, France, the United States, Poland, Mexico, the Czech Republic, or Brazil.

The Museu Valencià d'Etnologia disseminates its publications, both the Revista Valenciana d'Etnologia and the rest of the monographs of the different collections through the interlibrary exchange managed by the library. In turn, we receive numerous publications from the collaborating centres with which we maintain this exchange policy.

If any entity is interested in exchanging publications with the Museu Valencià d'Etnologia, please contact the library of the Museu Valencià d'Etnologia:

 Tel. 963 883 622 ‒ 963 883 628

The Library-Documentation Centre of the Museu Valencià d'Etnologia provides users with a series of services to make consultation and access to information easier. See the picture below.

It also produces materials to present the latest news about the bibliographic collection. They can be found at the following links:


Bibliographic News

Newsletters with Overview (new issues of periodicals)